Nestboxes: your complete guide

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Building your own nestbox and watching a pair of birds raise a successful brood will bring pleasure to the whole family, and this book provides all you need to know to get started. Written by Dave Cromack and drawing on the BTO's expertise, this new book provides the perfect guide to building, erecting and monitoring nestboxes for a broad range of bird species.

It includes:

  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions for constructing proven nestbox designs;
  • Profiles of garden bird species that regularly use nestboxes;
  • Box designs for less common garden visitors;
  • Practical advice on the best positions for your nestboxes;
  • How to protect nesting birds from cats and other predators;
  • The best materials and tools to use;
  • Tips on repairing and preserving nestboxes;
  • Advice on providing refuges for Hedgehogs and other garden animals.

Paperback, 256 pages.

ISBN 978-1-90-858184-6

Published in 2018

RRP £10.95