Other ways that you can support us

By purchasing books and other items through the BTO store you are supporting our wider work, so thank you. You can also support the work of the BTO in other ways, by participating in our surveys, becoming a member or by making a donation. Here are just some of these other ways in which you can help us to make a difference for birds.

Cuckoo, by Edmund Fellowes / BTO

Sponsor a Cuckoo

BTO researchers are working to increase our understanding of UK Cuckoo migration in the hope that it will help us to tackle the long-term decline seen in their breeding populations. By using state of the art tracking devices, we are able to follow these wonderful birds on their amazing journeys to and from Africa. You can play a vital part in making this project a success by sponsoring a Cuckoo. As a sponsor, you'll receive email updates on the Cuckoos' progress, including when they arrive in Africa and return to the UK in spring, and be supporting our research to improve our understanding of the challenges they face. Find out more here.

Become a BTO Member

Members help ensure our long history of impartial science continues – informing our understanding of birds’ lives in a changing world. By becoming a BTO member you are not only showing your support for our work, but you are joining a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Through your membership you will have opportunities to learn more about birds, to attend BTO events and to contribute to the work that we are doing for Britain's birds. Find out more here.

Join BTO Garden BirdWatch

Gardens are really important habitats for wildlife, but we need to understand how and why populations of garden birds and other wildlife are changing, and how we can help them. You can help by keeping a simple list and telling us which species visit each week, helping us learn about how wildlife uses the food, shelter and other resources in our gardens. The more we can understand about how birds and animals use our gardens, the more we can improve our cities, towns, villages and individual gardens for wildlife. BTO has run its weekly Garden BirdWatch scheme since 1995, and thousands of people across the UK contribute their sightings. Find out more here.

Make a donation

Each year we need to raise many thousands of pounds to fund our research and monitoring of Britain's bird populations. The information obtained from our work provides crucial evidence for the conservation of bird species and habitats. We are grateful for all donations: big, small, one-off, or a regular gift. Whatever you can give makes a real difference. Find out more here.

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