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So far, sales of Red Sixty Seven have raised nearly £40,000 for work by BTO and RSPB on Red-listed Birds of Conservation Concern.

This book should not exist!

In an ideal world this book, and the official Red List of the most vulnerable birds in the UK it is based on, would not be needed. But the world is far from ideal and our bird populations are declining at an alarming rate. In the past few years alone the once widespread Wryneck has ceased breeding in the UK altogether and has dropped off the list completely. Which species will be next?

Red Sixty Seven is a collaboration between 67 authors and 67 artists with a single goal: to raise funds to support conservation work aiming to reverse the declines of our most at-risk birds. Contributors include Chris Packham, Ann Cleeves, Samuel West, Natalie Bennett, David Lindo, Gill Lewis, Darren Woodhead, Carry Akroyd, Jane Smith and Patrick Barkham.

View the artworks, together with details of the artists and writers behind each of the 67 species (PDF, 4MB).

All of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to BTO and RSPB to further their work on Red-listed birds.

Red Sixty Seven is 67 love letters to our most vulnerable species, each beautifully illustrated by some of the best wildlife artists around, showcasing a range of styles as varied as the birds in these pages. Our hope is that the book will bring the Red List to a wider audience whilst raising funds for the charities working to help the birds most at need.

Printed and bound in Italy by Printer Trento, an FSC® certified company for printing books on FSC mixed papers in compliance with the chain of custody and on-product labelling standards. printer Trento has an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

Hardback, 160 pp. 195 mm x 235 mm

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